Jack and Teresa got engaged.

Here's what happened:

Our deepest, inexpressible gratitude to ...

(some of the people who made this possible)

Planning, Moral Support, & Behind-the-scenes Assistance:

Adrian Cushman
Isaiah Cushman
Ben Pender-Cudlip
Kristie Nash
Leah McCoy
Anna Callahan
Elizabeth Ennen

Central Dispatch:

Kristie Nash

First Interception Team:

Nicole Angeloro
Jacob Scott
Paul Sennott
Jeffrey Wiesner
Raven Moeslinger

Flower Distribution & Quickchange:

Adrian Cushman
Isaiah Cushman

Second Interception Team:

Paige Clapp
Sarah Weingust
Jonathan Shapiro
Hank Phillippi Ryan
Forest O'Neill-Greenberg

Props Team:

Matthew Glidden
Nora Chorover
Mary-Liz Murray
Kristen Salerno

Camera Team:

Ben Pender-Cudlip
Casey Preston
Chuck Green
Jacob Scott

Proposal Stories PA:

Meaghan Moulton

All-Night Film Edit:

(the incomparable) Ben Pender-Cudlip

With Generous Support & Assistance From:

The Hamish Napier Band
(who graciously allowed us to interrupt their performance)

The Institute of Contemporary Art
(especially John Andress, David Henry & Sam Betts)

The Berklee College of Music
(especially Michael Borgida, Chad Blinman, Tony Brown, Luis, Ryan, and Andy, organizers and producers of the Harborwalk Sounds music series at the ICA)

Pemberton Farms
(Mark, and others, for helping us borrow some trees and a bench, no questions asked, as long as it was "for a good cause")

(including Anna Callahan from ZoomTilt, Mike from Altruhelp, Katherine from Libboo, Judy from MassChallenge, Paul, Alexa and others, for sharing a 14th-floor conference room and for last minute hands-on help)

All Strung Out Jewelry
(Laureen, for short-notice creation of an interrobang typewriter-key ring)

And With Services From:

Nellie's Wildflowers
Keezers Classic Clothing
U-Haul Moving & Storage of Medford

... and of course, thanks to all the unsuspecting visitors to the ICA who volunteered to give Teresa a flower. We are so grateful to each of you.


What was your proposal like?

(All proposals are magical. Here are proposal stories from a few other people who were there that day.)


You can contact us at myverysecretplan@gmail.com.